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Ayon Crossfire Evo “Soundrebels“ (English version) – April 2017, Poland;

Ayon CD-35 „Hifi Critic“ – Volume11 / #1, January - March 2017, UK



Ayon S-10 „Hifi Statement“ (german language) - March 2017, Germany

Ayon HA-3 „Stereoplay“ – April 2017, Germany

Some review quotes: English Translation

Also in the HA-3 and practically unchanged you find again Ayon's tonal philosophy already known from the big powerful triode amps. This includes a dry, acutely firm, and voluminous bass-fundament, that also here became unmistakably manifest with the rather slimly "predisposed" Sennheiser HD800. Impact and depth combined with rapid attack offer a top-class headphone sound experience, in which the Ayon scores with its "tubal" silky and above all colourful sound. Nowhere else you may hear more glaze, emotion and proverbially dramatically pronounced timing with this top-class headphone with its usual tendency to preferably cooler analytics. This might be a reason for the success.


Assessment: "with its colourful, powerful bass, and voluminous sound Ayon's triode amp instils a bright coloured-exciting, powerful reproduction also in rather cool and slender sounding headphones without losing transparency. Definitely one of the best headphone-amplifiers at all. “


Price-performance ratio: excellent

Awarded with the Stereoplay Highlight logo

Ayon S-3 Junior - „AVMENTOR” – March 2017, Greece;


Review summary: English Translation

All functions available by the S3-junior user's interface are easy to use by everyone while the 3,5-inch display is clear and keeps you always informed.

The first impression you get by listening to the S-3 junior is a big 3D soundstage which is always pleasant and friendly to the listener.

The neutral character of the player is revealed immediately together with a discrete tube- flavour giving all tracks the positive aspect of each recording!

S-3 junior is always resulting transparent and detailed with a good description of micro dynamics without being dominate to the music program.

Bass is deep but always solid and controlled without ever being "heavy". The same is happening with the mid-bass.

Midrange is the most crucial point to criticize the Junior (!) Voices of all kind and a chorus remained always transparent and natural while the listener is keeping the right distance between him and the stage!

All the instruments are visible with the real "airy" distance between them too. The whole music is presented pleasant to the ear: clear and without any fatigue traces even in high volumes!!

Regarding the high frequencies, the S-3 junior creates the feeling of a "relaxed" and detailed character without been too warm! However the body of the highs remains true to life: clear, solid just giving you the possibility to enjoy the quality of each recording! The S-3 j preamplifier is as good as you expect. Transparency, accuracy mixed with a "polite" character probably due to its tube output stage...

CONCLUSION: We have a very interesting proposal from Ayon to everyone who is seeking to buy a non-costly audiophile streamer/dac/preamplifier combo!

Hi-End Show – BAV 2017, February 02nd – 05th, Bangkok - Thailand

Most Wanted 2016

Ayon Odin III  „The Stereo Times“ –  Most Wanted 2016 Award, USA

Ayon Audio Odin III Gen 4 Stereo Amplifier ($26,500):

The Odin, a 50 watt per channel direct heated triode stereo amp, is a state-of-the-art tube amp made in Austria and is among the best I’ve heard.  Its ability to throw an open soundstage filled with images of high density and energy while being highly resolving yet neutral in tonal balance was uncanny at creating the recording’s venue. The Odin presented bass that was better defined and more powerful than most solid-state amplifiers I ever listened to.  The attack, slam, and sustain with extraordinary decay has a way of transporting one to the live event. (Michael Girardi)

Ayon CD-35  “Soundrebels (English version)  

January 2017,  Poland

Ayon CD-35 „High Fidelity“ No. 152 (English Version) 

January 2017, Poland

Editors’ Choice Award for 2017
from TAS (The Absolute Sound – USA)

Special Award 2016 by High Fidelity – Poland

Ayon Audio

The audio world is dangerously heading towards price absurdities. The more expensive a product is, the more people write about it. Some of these devices are really worth paying attention to and truly make us understand sound better, but most of them are just manufacturers’ attempts to earn a lot of money.

Gerhard Hirt, the owner of Ayon Audio, has a different idea...

Ayon CD-35 CD-Player

The Ayon CD-35 establishes a new benchmark in SE-Triode vacuum-tube CD/SACD-Player performance by combining a fully balanced PCM-DSD DAC ...

Ayon CD-3sx –  „Positive-Feedback“  –  January 2017, USA

Ayon HA-3  „High Fidelity“ No. 151 (English Version)  

December 2016, Poland