Most Wanted 2016

Ayon Odin III  „The Stereo Times“ –  Most Wanted 2016 Award, USA

Ayon Audio Odin III Gen 4 Stereo Amplifier ($26,500):

The Odin, a 50 watt per channel direct heated triode stereo amp, is a state-of-the-art tube amp made in Austria and is among the best I’ve heard.  Its ability to throw an open soundstage filled with images of high density and energy while being highly resolving yet neutral in tonal balance was uncanny at creating the recording’s venue. The Odin presented bass that was better defined and more powerful than most solid-state amplifiers I ever listened to.  The attack, slam, and sustain with extraordinary decay has a way of transporting one to the live event. (Michael Girardi)

Ayon CD-35  “Soundrebels (English version)  

January 2017,  Poland

Ayon CD-35 „High Fidelity“ No. 152 (English Version) 

January 2017, Poland

Editors’ Choice Award for 2017
from TAS (The Absolute Sound – USA)

Special Award 2016 by High Fidelity – Poland

Ayon Audio

The audio world is dangerously heading towards price absurdities. The more expensive a product is, the more people write about it. Some of these devices are really worth paying attention to and truly make us understand sound better, but most of them are just manufacturers’ attempts to earn a lot of money.

Gerhard Hirt, the owner of Ayon Audio, has a different idea...

Ayon CD-35 CD-Player

The Ayon CD-35 establishes a new benchmark in SE-Triode vacuum-tube CD/SACD-Player performance by combining a fully balanced PCM-DSD DAC ...

Ayon HA-3  „High Fidelity“ No. 151 (English Version)  

December 2016, Poland