About Ayon Audio

Based in Austria, Ayon Audio began life four decades ago as VAIC, then changing course to Ayon Audio with Gerhard Hirt at the helm. Ayon Audio continues to develop new vacuum tube designs, amplifiers, preamplifiers, headphone amps, CD Players, DAC's, streamers coupled with the globally recognized Ayon soundstage. This remarkable sonic performance, that Ayon calls Voicing, (The DNA) This DNA is found in all of Ayon's products.


As the Absolute Sound Magazine wrote, "His eye for circuit design, ergonomics and voicing of the Ayon gear is Ivy League level, as is his business acumen. Each Hirt creation has a unique sound and style. If Steve Jobs had been an audio designer, I reckon he'd have been Gerhard Hirt." J. Valin.


In the review of the Ayon Vulcan mono amplifiers by The Absolute Sound, the reviewer concluded that " if you value huge panoramic soundstaging with velvety black backgrounds with eye-popping detail, Ayon is for you. A rare do-it-all design which marries the drive of solid state with with the magic of an SET. The Most holographic amplifier ever manufactured. J. Valin.


Countless awards worldwide from renowned high end print magazines and online reviewers, with the "Best Sound" "Cost No Object" awards, have stacked up for over a decade, in a row, at the major high end audio shows, globally.


Ayon's nomination for "The Bugatti of Audio" by The Absolute Sound magazine, front cover of the magazine for the Ayon Vulcan amplifiers, Polaris preamplifier and the Ayon CD-5s, awarded from one of the most respected international High End magazine, The Absolute Sound.


Ayon continues to set the standard in vacuum tube technology with distributors in over 55 countries worldwide.