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AVM AUDIO Stereophile The Show Newport 2012

AVM AUDIO Stereophile The Show Newport 2012 John Atkinson June 8, 2012

The German AVM company has been around for a long time, but its products are new to the USA. AVM’s Udo Besser was instrumental in bringing Burmester products to the US and now intends to do the same for AVM. Shown in my photo is the PA8 modular preamp (starting at $10,000), which can have various options, including a tubed output stage, added. Also on show was the ML8 Music Library, which has either 2TB of hard-drive storage or 600GB of solid-state storage, the CD8 CD player, and the 450Wpc SA8 amplifier.

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The Show Newport Logo

The Show Newport Logo

Legacy Audio Helix AVM Audio USA Tube Audio

Legacy Audio Helix AVM Audio USA Tube Audio. The Show Newport 2012 John Atkinson Stereophile June 8, 2012

The AVM electronics were being used to bi-amp the midrange and treble units of the enormous Legacy Helix speakers ($48,000/pair), which use 750W ICE-powered 15″ subwoofers and a digital-domain crossover with room correction, like its smaller and less expensive cousin, the Whisper XD. The big speakers lack the Whisper’s unique cardioid woofers, however. The classic Radka Toneef performance of Jimmy Webb’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” sounded suitably delicate, but the bass on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” sounded ponderous, due, I think, to the sub-optimal acoustics of the air-wall ballroom.