Ayon CD-1sx : Haute Fidelite – BEST BUY awarded


March 2014  —  France     Read more . . .

Ayon Audio CD-07s –Haute Fidelite Review & BEST BUY Awarded!!


February 2013  —  France   Read more . . .

Ayon Audio CD-5s The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award 2011


Ayon Audio CD-5s The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award 2011 This is a new-category product that combines a linestage, a transport, and a multiple-input, high-res DAC in a beautiful case. The sound is the most “analog-like” digital you may ever hear. Its 192kHz/24-bit, upsampling-switchable DAC reproduces instruments with extraordinary realism and astonishing air and space.…

Ayon Audio CD-07 Best Product 2010 Award


Ayon Audio CD-07 Granted The Best Product of 2010 Award

Ayon CD-07 — High Fidelity Review & 2010 Best Product Award


  By: Wojciech Pacula               1 stycznia 2019       No 177 FIFTH YEARS OF “HIGH FIDELITY” AND WHAT DOES IT RESULT On May 1 this year, “High Fidelity” will hit fifteen years. Nothing, but something. At that time, the world has changed beyond recognition, technology has also changed, and we have…

Ayon Skylla – High Fidelity: Best Product of 2009


Skylla — High Fidelity Award: Best Product 2009, Poland Click here to see award      

Ayon Audio CD-2 : StereoMojo’s 2009 CD Player of the Year


In still another first in the world review, our Publisher James L. Darby opined, “It has taken over two decades, but CD audio has come a long, long way. Faster processors and the development of better filters and knowledge of how to eliminate jitter and other digital artifacts has exploded. Read the following carefully so…

Ayon Audio CD-2 Player – Stereo Mojo Review


Ayon Audio CD-2: Stereomojo Review & Award AYON CD-2 TUBE CD PLAYER Price: $5,499 Review by James L. Darby We walked into the huge Ayon demo room at an audio show some time ago and were visually blown away by the stunning tube audio gear carefully placed on several large equipment racks. Black, chrome and…

RMAF 2008 Best of Show: Ayon Audio CD-3 and CD-1 Stereomojo


BEST TUBE LINE Like most high-quality, high value tube components, we assumed Ayon was made in China. NAY! Ayon is designed and made in Austria! The moment we entered this huge room, our reaction was a unanimous “Wow!”. Charles Harrison, who imports the line for North America, did a magnificent job in emplementing this display which was a…

Ayon Audio CD-1 : Six Moons 2008 Award and Review


       Reveiwer: Ken Micallef Financial Interests: Love Ayon Digital Source: Raysonic CD-168, Ayon CD-1 [in for review] Analog Source: Kuzma Stabi/Stogi turntable/arm combo, Denon DL-103 cartridge,Auditorium 23 Denon step-up transformer [on loan] Preamp: Shindo Allegro Amp: Shindo Haut Brion Speakers: DeVore Fidelity Nines Cables: Auditorium A23 speaker cables, Shindo interconnects, SilverFi interconnects [in for review] Stands: Salamander rack, 2″ Mapleshade platforms (8″ x 15″ x 2″), Blue…