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T.H.E Show 2014: Day 2 Continued

Ayon at T.H.E. Newport Show 2014

There were lots of systems in the Ayon Audio room, including this one that included, courtesy of Charles Harrison, the very first pair of new, made in the USA Tube Audio Labs Tineo Horn loudspeakers in J Horn configuration ($35,000/pair). Together with the subwoofers you see behind them, the system can go as low as 20Hz.

Paired with Ayon Audio’s brand new SET, class-A 75Wpc Titan monoblocks ($68,900/pair) and equally new CD-3sx CD player DAC/streamer/DSD ($10,500), which has both streaming capabilities and optional upsampling, music sounded a bit washed out, but quite pleasant, with no sharpness whatsoever.