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Ayon Audio CD-3sx

This is the conclusion of a three page review of the CD-3sx (English translation of German article from September/October 2014 issue of Audiophile Magazine)


The CD-3sx turntable seems to me to be a successful product, as much for the CD part as for the DAC and its accessibility.

Its rich connectivity allows a smooth transition to digital music, and can enjoy 24-bit albums in PCM and DSD, whose Mix / Masterings are often much more refined and successful than the 16-bit CD versions.

And price positioning term (6450 €), if we look at the range Ayon by “number”, the CD-3sx succeeds the CD-3s (5850 €), which has itself succeeded the CD-2s ( 5000 €) and there is a fairly steep rise in prices over 3 years.

If one is interested in restitution, this CD-3sx is positioned (to be confirmed by a direct comparison, but I am sure), above the former CD-5s (8000 €).

We are naturally in very high sums, but if the price in terms of “numbered range” has seriously increased, the value for money seems to me to have greatly increased … in a good way for audiophiles and music lovers.

To read the entire review, go to http://www.audiophile-magazine.com/bancs-d-essais/ayon-cd-3sx/ayon-cd-3sx-3

Thierry Nkaoua – September 23, 2014