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Front Page Press Release 10-26-18:

Ayon Audio Unveils Triton III Amplifier

News by TAS Staff -| Oct 26th, 2018
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Ayon Triton III Gen 4 Front

The following is a press release issued by AyonAudio.

Austria | October 26, 2018 – Ayon Audio, the award winning Austrian vacuum tube manufacturer unveils the New Ayon Audio Triton III GEN 4. Pure Class A operation integrated and stereo amplifier. Operation in Pentode & Triode mode that delivers a Pure Class A signal, no signal loss at any demand. Intelligent auto-bias and tube protection system. Alerts when a vacuum tube is misbehaving & needs replacement. The cool running, no hassle amplifier.

40 years in the making, Ayon Audio, the benchmark in vacuum tube products – The Bugatti of Audio” marks a new vision in audio engineering.

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