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Ayon Triton III – California 2012 Show Product Announcement

Ayon Triton III Gen 4 Right


Ayon Audio of Austria introduced several new products to these shores. Its new Triton III ($8995) tube stereo integrated amplifier offers 125 watts/channel of pure Class A power and uses BT SK KT-88 tubes made by Ayon. The Ayon Audio S-3 ($8500) is a tube network media player that functions as a tube preamplifier, tube DAC, and tube output stage. It has a fully analog volume control that can be operated by an iPad, iPhone, or Android smart phone. The Ayon Audio CD-5s ($11,380) is a tube CD player/DAC that can also be used as a tube preamplifier with all digital inputs/outputs and a fully analog volume control. The Ayon combo sounded very natural and powerful, with explosive dynamics driving Lumenwhite loudspeakers ($25k), with an immediacy that I found quite engaging.