Ayon BlackCrane

Ayon BlackCrane

Ayon BlackCrane Ft and Back

“ Timeless design, modern elegance and state-of-the-art technology “

A loudspeaker masterpiece with breathtaking musicality, transparency and extraordinary dynamics. Instrument Grade Cabinet!
With this flagship the Austrian master craftsmanship made a totally outstanding and a unique three-part cabinet design. A distinctive cabinet with highest level of difficulties (perhaps one of the most difficult to build Plywood-wood cabinet) and perfectly bent all around the wood surfaces. No compromise in research and development guarantees true musical neutrality, depth in imaging revealing the top grade of music reproduction through an audiophile instrument of the highest art. Breath-taking transparency and dynamic linearity is coupled with an excellent deep holographic soundstage. As a matter of course, we selected only finest available materials with superb sound characteristics.

The speaker is additionally equipped with a special “dual” transistor-tube crossover network circuit, that probably is unique until today. Here, especially in the position “tube amp”, for the first time a speaker configuration is responsive to and adapted to the properties of single-ended as well as push-pull tube amplifiers.

Also, lovers of lower-powered tube amplifiers will experience a new audiophile dimension of dynamics, freedom of distortion and compression, airiness, and agility, unequalled until now with a great “listening addiction”. This speaker is an absolute universal genius incarnating all attributes permitting an uncompromising reproduction at the ultimate audiophile level without any ifs and buts, whatever is the available power of the amp.

The BlackCrane represents more than 20 years of our experience in speaker manufacturing and it is one of the most exciting and beautiful speakers we ever built.

A real  “a work of art” !