AA 52B-S

This very powerfull tube is recommended for all new 52B designs. All critical parts, like filaments, grids and plates are constructed from hard metal for higher quality and reliability.


Tube AA 52B-S
Plate Voltage 570 V
Plate Current 130 mA
Plate Current 190 mA max.
Plate Dissipation 78 W
Transconductance 7 mA / V
Grid Voltage -133 V
Grid Resistor 47K Ohms
Amplification Factor 4.0
Plate Impedance 470 Ohms
Load Impedance 1000 - 2400 Ohms
THD <0.1 %
Power Output pure Class-A 27 W
Filament Voltage 4.5 - 5.0 V
Filament Current 2.0 A
Tube size incl. Socket H 205 x 68 mm
All Ayon vacuum tubes possess a vacuum of 10-9 Torr, a maximum grid current of 2.2 microampere and absolutely constant emission.