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Ayon Audio The Absolute Sound “The Bugatti of Audio” Award


Ayon Audio – The Absolute Sound “The Bugatti of Audio” Award  

Ayon Audio Editors’ Choice Award for 2019 – The Absolute Sound


The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice Award for 2019 – Goes to Ayon Audio!

Ayon Audio Auris II Review – Audio Reference


Ayon Auris II Preamplifier AYON AUDIO AWARDED “BEST SOUND” MUNICH HIGH END AUDIO SHOW 2015 ! REVIEW SUMMARY: “Auris gave some body to this image. It put the whole sound more “stable onto the ground”. It filled the air with lively tissue and loaded some serious mass wherever needed. It was this pre‐amp, not the…

Ayon Audio – Blog Review from Audio-Philia

Ayon logo-1

Ayon Blog Review from Audio-Philia March 26, 2016  –  Linda Gray Introducing Ayon Audio – New to Audio-philia         Timeless Design. Magic Sound.   Ayon Audio is an award-winning Austrian company offering one of the most extensive and highly regarded ranges of vacuum tube components in the world, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, headphone amps,…

Ayon Auris – Hifi Muzyka (English translated)


April, 2015    —    Poland Read Article (English version)

Ayon Audio Spheris Phonostage Review – SoundRebels


AYON SPHERIS PHONOSTAGE ENGLISH VER. The current trend of growing interest in vinyl resulted in more and more companies having a phonostage in their catalog. The bigger players in the branch have even more than one model, covering all price levels they operate on. Of course to be able to properly position a turntable preamplifier,…

Ayon Audio Spheris III Review and Award – High Fidelity


Ayon Spheris III Linestage By Wojciech Pacula                               January 2015                                No. 128 My memories from (I think) the first edition of High End Show in Munich (after…

Ayon Audio Spheris III Test and Review – HIFI Statement

Ayon Spheris III

Ayon Spheris III 13.10.2014 // JÜRGEN SAILE What happens when a company like Ayon Audio once pulls out all stops and leaves the technicians off the leash? Sends the controller together with red pencil on vacation? This is what happened with the new Spheris III precursor. At least it seems. But I will do the devil and betray everything…

Ayon Audio Polaris III and Orthos XS Review – haute fidelite


AYON POLARIS III & ORTHOS XS These particularly accomplished and innovative new electronics feature stunning technical specifications. Rather than figures with very relative meaning, it is through listening that we have discovered animals as ferocious as they are subtle.   The electronic tubes really different, radical but musically haunting are quite rare to find. Those of the Austrian…

Ayon Polaris – HXOS 5-star Review


March 2014 – Greece   Read more . . .