GyrFalcon "STEREO"

December 2008, Germany

Show pictures - Dealer Show in Berlin - Germany, November 2008

Show pictures - Hi End Show in Budapest – Hungary, November 2008

GyrFalcon "HIFI-STARS" #01

December 2008 - February 2009, Germany

GyrFalcon "HIFI-STARS" #01

Best Tube Line at RMAF 2008 Show in Denver-USA

Show pictures - World of Hifi in Bonn – Germany , November 2008

Show pictures - Hi End Show in Athens – Greece, November 2008

Ayon Hausmesse L'ensemble music components 19.11. bis 22.11.2008

Show pictures - Hi End Show in Paris – France, October 2008

Show pictures Zagreb, Croatia - Hi End Show, October 2008

Show pictures Milano, Italy - Top Audio Show, October 2008

October 2008

Ayon CD-1
„ Best Product of 2008 by High Fidelity magazine – Poland “

Show pictures Horten, Norway - HIFI Show, October 2008

Show pictures Denver USA – RMAF Hi-End Show, October 2008

August 2008

Ayon CD-1 review
Image hifi 5/2008 "Germany"

Von Michael Vrzal

Zur Verarbeitungsqualität:…. preisklassensprengende Sauberkeit von den Platinen bis zum verstecktesten Spaltmaß…Diesem Ritterschlag ist nichts hinzuzufügen.
Zum Klang:
…….klanglich haut einen der Ayon CD-1 vom Hocker…Spielfreude blitzt durch die Töne……….der Ayon sprüht vor Temperament….
Charakter: Er ist eine frei von der Leber weg musizierende Quelle, schnell, offen, mitreißend….

July 2008

Ayon CD-3
„Hörerlebnis“ #64 - Germany

June 2008

Ayon Spirit
"Positive Feedback" -
USA - June 2008

Show Pictures HIGH END 2008, Munich, Germany, April 24th – April 27th


April 2008

Ayon Spheris
Image Hifi Award 2008 (Germany)

“Kühnsten Träumen einsteigen: Ayons Spheris-Duo sieht innen mindestens so gut aus wie außen, erfüllt locker auch anspruchsvollste Phono-Wünsche und legt die (Röhren-) Vorverstärker-Frage ad acta. Sauteuer, aber auch saugut! „

April 2008

Ayon CD-1
„ 6moons” USA, April 2008

Blue Moon Award

March 2008

Ayon CD-1 & Ayon Spirit
„Dagogo“ – March 2008, USA

March 2008

Ayon Sunfire
"Hörerlebnis" #63 - April 2008, Germany

March 2008

Ayon 300B
"Fidelity – Norway, March 2008"

April 24th - April 27th

HIGH END 2008 - Germany

Location: M.O.C, 80939 Munich - Lilienthalallee 40
We exhibit: Hall 3 / Booth C10

"HiEnd Audio Show - Milano / Italy" 16th -17th February 2008

Show Pictures

February 2008

Bristol Hi-End Show 2008 - England , Show Report

Ayon CD-1 CD player

The CD-1 debuts in the vacuum tube CD player arena promising a 'remarkable union of innovative design concepts and refinements of existing technologies'.

The vacuum-tube output stage complement consists of dual 6H30 EH and dual 6922 EH tubes that deliver a visceral, warm and fluid midrange without letting the higher frequencies become too harsh or overbearing.

The CD loading mechanism - having to physically remove the brushed metal lid and inner cap to change CDs - is a curio, but only adds to the quirky design aesthetic Ayon seems intent on pursuing.

We sat and listened to the CD-1 for a little while as we toured the show (everyone needs a break after all) and have to say the CD-1 was a capable and beguiling performer.

Ayon Audio Spark integrated amplifier

The newly launched Spark single-ended triode amplifier has been dubbed as a 'super value' entry-level integrated vacuum tube amp for 'real music lovers'. One thing's for certain, it looks the business with its brushed steel black bod and high-shine tube complement.

Following on from Ayon's triode and pentode playing Spirit amp, the Spark has abandoned the weaker pentode to concentrate on the positive features associated with this type of amplification, namely abundant power, tonal neutrality and outstanding dynamics.

Peak output power is rated at 2x35 watts with a frequency response of 12Hz-28kHz, with class A circuitry and the latest transformer design lending class to the sonics. We listened and we loved it.

Ayon Audio Heron florrstanding speaker

This piano black three-way floorstander from Austrian company Ayon Audio employs custom-designed and manufactured drivers with premium crossover components and wiring and an advance 'inverted parabolic resonance correction system' cabinet.

Equally at home with single-ended triode, tube or transistor amplification, the Heron uses a one-inch silk calotte tweeter, six-inch paper silicate-coated midrange and three seven-inch paper silicate-coated woofers with a frequency response of 53Hz-23kHz.

February 2008

Ayon Spirit– Poweramp
"HiFi Choice – England - February 2008"

January 1st, 2008

Ayon Spheris – Preamp & Regenerator review (German)
"LP # 01-2008"