Ayon CD-1sx

December 2013

Ayon BlackHawk

November 2013

Ayon BlackArrow

November 2013

Ayon Blackfire XS

November 2013

Ayon Orthos XS  "Audiophile-Magazine"  

November 2013, France (French language)

Ayon SPIRIT III – KT150 „Stereoplay“

December 2013, Germany

Some review quotes: English Translation
“This integrated amplifier is not only powerful, consistently precise, and definitely tonally extremely well balanced, it also delivers so much colour and fine differences, that one could get enthusiastic about it.
The massive power of the bass unexpectedly appears when needed. However, it is blindingly easy to attest the power pack even a certain delicateness and still unlimited dynamics. Actually, you cannot make it better. GORGEOUS!”
Assessment: “performance, outstanding, captivating sound and plenty of fine features, relieving the user from all tube care - exactly the way it should be. No doubt: a HIGHLIGHT !”
-Outstanding value for money-.
Awarded the Stereoplay Highlight logo

Einige Zitate: German original
„Dieser Vollverstärker ist nicht nur leistungsfähig, durchweg präzise und klanglich definitiv extrem gut ausbalanciert, er liefert auch so viel Farbe und Differenziertheit, dass man ins Schwärmen geraten könnte.
Die wuchtige Tiefton-Schlagkraft ist dann unvermittelt da, wenn sie gebraucht wird. Dem Boliden deshalb sogar eine gewisse Zartheit und dennoch unbeschränkte Dynamik zu bescheinigen, fällt kinderleicht. Besser kann man es eigentlich nicht machen. TRAUMHAFT ! „
Bewertung:  „Leistungsfähigkeit, herausragender, betörender Klang und jede Menge Finessen, die dem Nutzer alle Röhrensorgen abnehmen. Ein toller Röhrenverstärker auf höchstem Niveau – genau so, wie man sich das vorstellt. Ohne Zweifel ein HIGHLIGHT!“ 
-Preis-Leistung: überragend- 
Ausgezeichnet mit dem Stereoplay Highlight logo

Ayon Orthos XS  „6moons“  BLUE MOON AWARD !

October 2013

Ayon S-5  „Haute Fidelite“  

August/September 2013, France

Ayon CD-3s  „HiFi + “

September 2013, England;

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

28th August 2013

A revised controller app for iPhone/iPod/iPad is available and online ( iTunes) 

Ayon Stratos DAC  „Audiophile-Magazine“

August 2013, France

Conclusion: English Translation
STRATOS is without any doubt one of the best DAC I ever listened to. It makes Music, and in the best possible way. It is comfortable in any situation, from Rock dynamics, to Opera sweetness or Blues laments. With DSD, simply on USB, it takes advantage over SACD players that cost twice or 3 times more. With PCM, Stratos is very close to the wonderful Ayon S5 streamer. Again, it takes advantage over DAC that costs twice or 3 times more. And you get a full preamplifier with the DAC! A close integration between DAC and preamplifier seems to really become a design Must.
Using Sabre ESS9018 chip, after having mainly used the BB 1704K, Ayon has fully succeeded this transition. Sonic width and depth are even better than their famous CD5S or Skylla II. With the Stratos DAC for Computer Audio, and with the S5 for Network Streaming, Ayon has delivered 2 great Milestones on the 2 roads of "dematerialized" music.

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.11.18 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active !

Ayon S-3  „HXOS“  5-star review  & 40th Anniversary of HXOS

July 2013, Greece

Some review quotes: English Translation
" A very important design dedicated to the HD sound, a real statement of the new era! A very successful ‘marriage’ of tubes combined to meet  all network applications with an outstanding sound"
" For a mysterious reason Austria is the country of the internet sound  and streamers as well. Ayon is  the  best ambassador!"
“ We could easily live with the S3 to our system ,considering it as the only source“
" We have never listened before to the internet  so good"

Ayon Stratos DAC  „Haute Fidelite N°2“

July 2013, France

Some review quotes: English Translation
“The Stratos DAC/preamp is among Ayon’s latest designs.
As is now the norm for Ayon the layout brings together tubes and state-of-the-art conversion circuits. It results in one of the most remarkable sound reproductions ever met in a DAC so far.
The Ayon graces us with rich and powerful bass… the percussions in the introduction to Moonlight on Spring River by Zhao Cong explore very low frequencies with formidable articulation.
The tonal rendering is such that you feel as if you were with the artists ; on Ha Vinto Amor Sung by Simone Kermes, the soprano is taking shape before your eyes… you can hear every modulation in her voice and intakes of breath.
The Stratos feels at ease on any transient… like the timpani in Shostakovich's Eleventh symphony. On It’s Alright with Me by Harry Connick Junior, the singer and musicians have never been placed so clearly in the soundstage.
Ayon’s Stratos DAC is amongst the best converter we have ever tested in this magazine at any price. The Stratos has allured us by its extremely delightful sumptuously transparent and intensely realistic musical rendering,
an investment for music lovers.”

Ayon Stratos

July 2013

Ayon Stealth

July 2013

Ayon Orion III

June 2013

Hi-End Show - Newport Beach

May31 – June 2, 2013 – California, USA

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.10.17 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active.

Ayon Orion II  „The Absolute Sound - TAS“

May 2013, USA

Ayon TITAN  „Audiophile“

Mai 2013, Germany

Some review quotes: English Translation

“My goodness; Brad Mehldau’s much heard The Falcon will Fly Again turned into a unsually dramatic experience. The intensity of the soprano sax solo, which comes across as a stroke of genius on the ……xxx amplifier, is multiplied on the Titans. The airflow through the instrument appears even warmer and much more present, real enough to feel it on the skin of your hand. The performance had cultivated a certain elegance, a beautiful gliding past. And while Joshua Redman was visibly shrugging his shoulders, the performance with the Ayon created the impression of a direct embrace. Goodness me, we had never imagined that Redman and Mehldau were communicating so intimately! Whereas the listener normally follows the fingering bar by bar, now the meaning of the runs makes itself heard note for note – an irony here, a bit of an edge or slight acceleration there. Yes, if you want to hear Franz Schubert’s Sonata No. 19 played with completely transparent verve and without pasty emotions or make-believe, you should hear listen to this CD. And if it at all possible, use one of Ayon’s Titans and feed it from the best of sources – because the strengths and weakness of different players are amplified by a few orders of magnitude. So far, only these power triodes open the most delicate and still magnificent crystalline structures, down to individual, highly charged atoms”. “THE TITANS OPEN THE GATES FOR SO FAR UNHEARD EMOTIONAL SOUND”.

German original:

„Sapperlot, das so oft gehörte -The Falcon will fly away- von Brad Mehldau nahm völlig ungewohnte Dramatik an. Das etwa mit dem Class-A Verstärker von…xxxx schon als genial empfundene Sopransax-Solo nahm über die Titanen ein Vielfaches an Intensität an. Der Luftstrom durch das Instrument erschien jetzt noch viel präsenter, wärmer, zum Hand reinhalten echt. Bei Performance hatte die Eleganz gepflegt, das schöne Vorbeigleiten. Heidenei, wir hätten gar nicht gedacht, dass Redman und Mehldau so innig kommunizieren! Folgt der Hörer den Fingersätzen sonst Takt für Takt, nahmen die Läufe nun Ton für Ton – dort eine kleine Beschleunigung – ihre in die Ohren springende eigene Bedeutung an. Donnerwetter, wer die Sonate No 19 von Franz Schubert mal ohne teigigen Pathos, ohne Möchtegern und mit völlig klarer Verve genießen will, höre sich diese CD an. Und wenn es irgendwie geht, über Ayons Titanen, versorgt bitte nur von allerbesten Quellen – denn auch die Stärken und Schwächen unterschiedlicher Player wuchsen hier ins Großformat. Bis dato schlüsselten nur diese Power-Trioden die allerfeinsten und dennoch großartigen Kristallstrukturen auf, bis hin zu einzelnen, hochspannungsgeladenen Atomen“. „ DIE TITANEN REISSEN DÄMME ZU BIS DATO UNGEHÖRTEN, EMOTIONALEN KLÄNGEN EIN“.

High End 2013 –Germany

9th – 12th May, 2013
We exhibit: Room E 206 / Atrium 4, 2nd floor
Location: M.O.C, 80939 München - Lilienthalallee 40

Ayon Epsilon

May 2013

Ayon Orthos XS

May 2013

Ayon S-3  „Music Emotion“

April  2013, The Netherland

Ayon CD-07s vs CD-5s  „Audiodrom“

March 2013, CZ ( Englisch Version)

Ayon Crossfire III "Stereoplay" 

April 2013, Germany;  awarded as „Stereoplay REFERENCE“    

Review quotes: English Translation

Enchanting. Tempting. Presenting the nature of the music absolutely to the point. The Ayon triode perfectly manages the rare mix of highest resolution and warmness, a fine presentation without the slightest harshness.
Compared with the …….amplifier  voices had more acoustic colour, the chant was even more vivid. Moreover the plasticity of the representation was so close, so true, that almost nobody had heard anything better before.
Combined with the right loudspeaker it ranks among the best sounding amplifiers worldwide.

German original:

Zitate: Bezaubernd. Verführerisch.  Absolut das Wesen der Musik treffend.  Der Ayon Triode gelingt diese seltene Mischung aus höchster Auflösung und Wärme, eine feine Darstellung ohne jegliche Härte.
Im Vergleich zum  ……  hatten Stimmen noch mehr Timbre, war der Gesang noch lebendiger. Außerdem war die Plastizität der Darstellung so nah, so echt, dass kaum einer schon vorher etwas besseres gehört hatte.
Am richtigen Schallwandler gehört er zu den am besten klingenden Verstärkern der Welt.

Ayon Crossfire III

March 2013

Ayon Crossfire PA und Eris

"Fidelity" – March/April 2013, Germany

Ayon CD-07s  „Haute Fidelite “  –  BEST BUY awarded

February 2013, France

Ayon S-5

"Hifi-Statement" –  February 2013, Germany

Ayon CD-1sc

"Positive Feedback" - January/February 2013, USA

Show Pictures CES 2013 LAS VEGAS, USA

08 - 11th January 13

Gold Show Award,  T.H.E. Show, Las Vegas, USA, 2013

“Best Sound”  by AV Showrooms USA

Ayon App for iPhone/iPod/iPad

8th January, 2013
A revised Ayon App for S-5, S-3 and NW-T  is ready for download (iTunes - App Store)
Now also ask for the new operating manual (PDF) online for your Ayon Music Network-Player either from your sales rep / dealer or directly from Ayon Audio and pay attention to the new additional features and notices.
Please indicate model, serial number and your country of purchase.

Ayon App für iPhone/iPod/iPad

8. Januar 2013
Ein überarbeitetes Ayon App für S-5, S-3 und  NW-T steht zum Download bereit (iTunes – App Store).
Fordern Sie auch gleichzeitig eine neue Bedienungsanleitung (PDF) online für Ihren Ayon Musik Network-Player an,  entweder bei Ihrem Vertrieb/Händler oder direkt bei Ayon Audio und beachten Sie dabei die neuen Zusatzfunktionen und Hinweise. 
Bitte geben Sie Model, Seriennummer und das jeweilige Land an, wo Sie das Gerät erworben haben.

"The Show" Las Vegas 2013 at the Flamingo Hotel

Red Rock II Ballroom
January 8th – 11th, 2013

Ayon CD-3s

January 2013

January 2013