Ayon Crossfire PA “Hifi Muzyka“ (english version)

December 2014, Poland

Ayon Epsilon „HXOS" 5-star review

December 2014, Greece



Ayon SPARK III „Stereoplay“

December 2014, Germany

Some review quotes: English Translation
A real stunner; also the sound of the strict single-ended amp is typical Ayon and triodes: earthy, three-dimensionally large, colorful, well defined, much more powerful than you would assume looking at the data and not without the smooth natural sound of good tube amplifiers.

With uncomplicated efficient loudspeakers also the insistent always lively gruff dynamics remain.

-Outstanding value for money-

Awarded the Stereoplay Highlight logo

Einige Zitate: German original
„Eine Wuchtbrumme; Auch der Klang des strammen Ein-Takters ist typisch Ayon und Trioden: erdig, dreidimensional groß, farbig, definiert, viel kräftiger, als es die Daten vermuten lassen und nicht ohne die sanfte Natürlichkeit guter Röhrenverstärker. Mit unkomplizierten, wirkungsgradstarken

Lautsprechern bleiben auch die nachdrückliche, immer spritzige Grobdynamik erhalten.

-Preis-Leistung: überragend- 

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Stereoplay Highlight logo

Ayon Stealth  „The Absolute Sound – TAS 248“

December 2014, USA

Hi-End Show – Warsaw / Poland, November 8th – 9th, 2014

Ayon equipment in Demo there:

Crossfire Evolution – Monoblock

Spheris III – Linestage

Spheris - Phonostage

CD-T – CD-Transport

NW-T – Network-Transport

Sigma – D/A Converter

The 2014 – New York (USA) High End Audio Show Ayon reports.

STEREOPHILE - John Atkinson

My final room Sunday afternoon was the Ayon and USA Tube Audio Labs. Not only did the last company’s Tineo J horn speakers, with their powered stereo subwoofers operating below 70Hz($35,000/system) catch my eye, their sound, driven by Ayon’s Titan mono amplifiers ($68,000/pair) and Spheris III preamp ($48,000), caught my ear. Yes, the “jump factor” offered by a horn system was in full evidence. But the frequency balance was also smooth and uncolored. John Mayer’s “Gravity” sounded about as good as I have heard this track. The Titan uses a 62B triode for its output. Described as a “300B on steroids,” this tube runs with 1kV on its plate in the Titan!

Enjoy the Music - Rick Becker

Around the corner in the Brighton Beach room I chanced upon Vincent Belanger once again, playing his cello live to a recording of him playing. Once again, his live music was seamless with the recorded music coming from Tineo Mk-II wood horn loaded speakers from USA Tube Audio Labs driven by Ayon‘s top of the line Titan tube monoblocks putting out 75 watts. The preamp was either the new Polaris III or Spheris III model, each with a separate power regenerator and an Ayon CD player was stacked atop it. The Ayon gear from Austria is very highly regarded and it acquitted itself here very well. The elegant black and chrome theme carries through their entire line. I also noted the matched veneer on the complex architecture of the USA Tube Audio Labs speakers—very fine workmanship all the way around each speaker.

The Absolute Sound - Alan Taffel

And while I don’t generally lean to horn speakers, I did cotton up to the USA Tube Audio Tineo J Horn ($35k). These are 3-ways with outboard stereo subs. The combo sounded as warm and ravishing as its burnished wood finish. The blend between main speakers and subs was absolutely seamless. The horns were sourced by an Ayon Audio CD3X DAC/streamer/player/preamp ($13,500) and driven with great rhythm and transparency by a pair of Ayon Titan SET monoblocks ($68k/pair).

Ayon CD-3sx - „Audiophile-Magazine“

October 2014, France ( French language )


Ayon Spheris III – „Hifistatement“

October 2014, Germany


Hi-End Show – TAV 2014, September26th – 29th, Bangkok - Thailand

Ayon CD-3sx „Fidelity“ – September/October 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation

The fundamental sound signature of the CD-3sx really - independent from the source -  is in the very best sense "ayonic", i.e. bursting with energy, enormously rich in content, and , let's call it this way, "juicy", in the sense of sappy. Delicious: a strong stirring joy of listening that always expands from the bottom, off the bass, from the musical fundament and in a well-shaped, room-filling stature light-footed up to the  highest realm. The CD-3sx guarantees e.g., that even mediocre or significantly lean productions seem to be "earthed" advantageously and lead into the music with recognizable substance and body volume. I liked it very very much. It touches your feelings without deviation. And, as if only a "CD-player": in practice both the preamplifier as well as the DAC-section of the Ayon CD-3sx turn out to be really very good that with it on the rack there is no practical reason to continue looking for a preamp or external converter.

Test Fazit: German original

Die grundsätzliche Klangsignatur des CD-3sx ist nämlich – unabhängig vom Datenlieferanten – im allerbesten Sinne „ayonisch“, also vor Energie strotzend, enorm gehaltvoll und, nennen wir es ruhig mal „saftig“, im Sinne von Saft und Kraft. Herrlich: ein starkes, mitreißendes Hörvergnügen, das sich stets „von unten heraus“, aus den Basslagen, aus dem musikalischen Fundament und in wohlgeformter , raumfüllender Gestalt leichtfüßig bis ins höchste Gefilde hinausreicht. Der CD-3sx garantiert beispielsweise, dass selbst mittelmäßige oder auffällig schlank wirkende Produktionen vorteilhaft „geerdet“ wirken und mit erkennbarer Substanz und Körperhaftigkeit in die Musik hineinführen. Mir gefällt das sehr sehr gut. Hier geht es umweglos ans Gemüt. Und von wegen „CD-Player“: In der Praxis entpuppt sich sowohl die Vorverstärker-als auch die DAC – Sektion des Ayon CD-3sx als dermaßen gut, dass es mit ihm auf dem Rack praktisch keinen Grund gibt, noch weiter nach einem Vorverstärker oder externen Wandler zu suchen.

Ayon CD-3s  „HighEndStyle“

Winter 2014, Slovakia-CZ

Ayon Orthos XS and Polaris,  „Haute Fidelite“ – July/August 2014, France

August 2014

S-3, S-5 Network-Player and NW-T Network-Transport

A new firmware ( v8.0.21.38 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active.

NW-T / DSD Network-Transport

A new firmware ( v8.0.21.38 ) for the NW-T/DSD is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active.




  • Added the DSF Support key (for enabling native DSD playback).
  • Fixed DSD and PCM playback: no any track time is working (counting) for UPNP based control apps.
  • Merged the latest DSD decoder fixes from other branch (fixed seek, position notifications, metadata parsing).
  • Enabled seek support for DSF, added rate limiter for DSD to reduce excessive CPU usage during startup.
  • Fixed native DSD not supported via external control point of JRiver MS.
  • Added native DSD playback.
  • Added safety check into NapIsoStreamOutput to skip unitialized interfaces when configuring audio output.

The NW-T now is also available as DSD version.

Playback of DoP (DSD over PCM) and native DSD is supported by e.g. JRiver Media Center.
Existing NW-T’s can be upgraded to the  DSD version too.

Ayon Sprit III

August 2014

Ayon BlackArrow  „Stereoplay“

August 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation
Alan Parson's "I Robot" flashed and grooved around the listeners' ears, seemed more lively and warmer than ever. Surprising, however, that the often claimed disadvantages of tubes i.e. a restrained fundamental tone or a smooth bass never ever appeared.
On the contrary: with her rather quiet basic character the  BlackArrow presented itself strongly fundamental and perfectly true also in reproducing the impulses of the bass, including absolutely without dynamic limits for the normal listener.
Oh tube lover, what more could you want!
Assessment: coherent-precisely but intimately playing floor-speaker, a bit like a monitor when connected to very powerful amps, flourishes at any kind of tube amplifiers, also with small triodes, an audiophile luxury food with no loss in power, bass or resolution.
Price-performance: very good
Test Fazit: German original
Alan Parsons‘ „ I Robot“ blitzte und groovte dem Hörer nur so um die Ohren, erschien lebendiger und wärmer den je. Erstaunlich dabei, dass die oft befürchteten Nachteile von Röhren wie ein zurückhaltender Grundton
Oder ein weicher Bass überhaupt nicht zutage traten. Im Gegenteil: Bei einem eher ruhigen Grundcharakter gab sich die BlackArrow ausgesprochen fundamentstark und perfekt impulstreu im Tiefton, dabei für Normalhörer absolut ohne dynamische Limits. Oh Röhrenherz, was willst Du mehr!
Bewertung: Stimmig-präzise und doch intim aufspielende Standbox, an Leistungsboliden etwas monitormäßig, blüht sie an jeder Art von Röhren, auch an kleinsten Trioden, zu einem audiophilen Genussmittel auf, ohne an Kraft, Bass oder Auflösung zu verlieren.
-Preis-Leistung: sehr gut- 

Ayon Auris

July 2014

Ayon Helios  “HighEndStyle“

Autumn 2014, Slovakia-CZ

Ayon BlackEye

July 2014

Ayon Sigma

June 2014

Ayon Polaris  „HXOS“  5-star review

March 2014, Greece

Ayon S-5 „Stereoplay“

April 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation
Streamer at the edge! Ayon invested with love and understanding in a  tonally superior tube preamp-DAC. Now there is no longer an excuse for the classical high-ender: the new network-heaven begins here.
Price-performance: outstanding
Decorated with the Stereoplay Reference logo

Test Fazit: German original
Streamer am Limit ! Hier wurde mit Herz und Verstand in einen klanglich überlegenen Röhrenvorstufen-DAC investiert. Der klassische High-Ender hat nun keine Ausrede mehr: Hier fängt der neue Netzwerk-Himmel an.
-Preis-Leistung: überragend- 
Ausgezeichnet mit dem Stereoplay Referenz logo

Ayon Polaris III

March 2014

Ayon CD-1sx  „Haute Fidelite“ - BEST BUY awarded

March 2014, France

Ayon BlackHawk  „Audio “

March 2014

Ayon Spheris III - Linestage

March 2014

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new controller app under the app name “Ayon Audio” for iPhone/iPod/iPad (Apple - iTunes) and Android (Google Play) are available and online.

20th February 2014

Ayon CD-3sx

February 2014

Ayon Spirit III – KT150  „Soundrebels“

January 2014, Poland (engl. Version)

Ayon Triton PA – KT150 und Stealth DAC, „Audio“

January 2014, Germany

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.17.28 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active !

  • mute line is active while startup and while audio in pause mode
  • fixed module error when loading NetAPI
  • merged latest mDNS code from trunk
  • major update: merged all latest changes from trunk (nap, networking, upnp, sds, netapi)
  • fixed various time calculation problems during >176kHz playback
  • fixed sharp noise at track change or pausing/stopping FLAC176/24 and 192/24
  • major NAPv3 code merge from SeDMP3
  • latest BTB code with fixed text encoding conversion routines from SeDMP3
  • merged latest RDMFS code from SeDMP3
  • dynamic webserver resources loading - increased the amount of available ram
  • binary search activated
  • merged minor upnp stuff from trunk
  • enabled optimizations in upnp
  • exchanged device icons for listings in external control points and for Network view in Vista and Win7 to Ayon logo
  • enhanced feature management for DSD functionality.
  • support for the new coming Ayon Control apps
  • support for FLAC192/24 with very high bitrates via Ethernet
  • fixed audio dropouts on 1Gbit switches (Merged from Trunk 2903)

Ayon Epsilon – KT150  „Hifi Statement“

January 2014, Germany

Ayon BlackHawk  "Fidelity" - deutsch

Ayon BlackHawk  "Fidelity"

January/February 2014, Germany

Download german Version  

Download english Version