Warsaw-Poland - High-End Show 2015
Best Sound of the Show

Hi-End Show - Warsaw

Poland, November 6th - 8th, 2015

Ayon Audio & Lumen White

Ayon S-3 "Junior"

Many of our clients have asked in the past for a more affordable Network-Player based on the famous S-3. The downgraded S-3 "junior" version is the answer and offers many design highlights from its bigger brother, the S-3.


Ayon Scorpio

Oktober 2015

"The entrance into real high-end tube amplification".

The Scorpio represents a dramatic rethinking of economic vacuum tube based integrated amplifier industrial design while retaining the basic architecture as our highly regarded Spirit amplifier.


The "Conventional Audiophile Wisdom" written by Mr. Jeff Fritz ( SoundStage!)


S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.24.43 ) for the S-3, S-5, NW-T and NW-T-DSD is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active!

Changes since Ayon_v8.0.24.42

  • Fixed infinite loading when jumping back to the root of usb drive.
  • Increased NetAPIClientLimit to 2.

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

September 2015

A new controller app under the app name "Ayon Audio" version 2.0.2 for Apple devices is available (iTunes -App Store) and online.

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

September 2015

A new controller app under the app name “Ayon Control” for Android (Google Play) is available and online.

How to use TIDAL with Ayon Network-Players

September 2015

Ayon Spitfire

August 2015

The Ayon Spitfire is using similar technologies of our famous “Crossfire” amplifier. It exhibits all well known Ayon magic and qualities...


Ayon Titan Evo

August 2015

The new driver stage for the Titan Evo amplifier has been completely new re-designed and is operating now by our own new AA20B driver tube as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow...


Ayon S-3 – „Hifistatement“ – July 2015, Germany


Ayon BlackHawk-S

June 2015

The BlackHawk-S combine’s extraordinary spatial plasticity and low resonance oscillation of a small monitor speaker...


Munich High-End Show 2015 -  Best Sound


By Jason Victor Serinus – “Stereophile” - USA

Virtually every system on the lobby level of the Hotel Irvine qualified as cost-no-object, with some being more stratospherically priced than others. What immediately seized the attention of everyone who entered this extremely large room was the marvelously full range, convincingly colorful organ holding forth from Tineo J Horn loudspeakers. Allied with Ayon Titan SET monoblocks , Ayon Spheris III preamp and Ayon CD-3sx CD player/DAC/streamer/DSD, this was a killer system that displayed impressive control on everything from thunderous, full-range organ to electric guitar. Both speakers and racks are available in multiple finishes. 


Note concerning the Ayon Control app

Meanwhile many professional UPnP-control apps are established, available partially for free or for a small fee. A control-app is like a visual remote control and the customer requirements regarding the surface design etc. have become so manifold that customers use several depending upon their requirements and preferences. Therefore Ayon Audio has decided to switch off the proprietary Ayon control app and to suspend further developments for the time being.

Despite a great number of excellent apps we would like to highlight the JRemote app as an example or recommend it respectively.

S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.24.42 ) for the S-3, S-5, NW-T and NW-T-DSD is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active!

Changes since Ayon_v8.0.24.41:
• Workaround for JRiver sending incorrect AIFF mime type.
• Fix of noise between DSD tracks.

Munich Show 2015

Demo Equipment:

Loudspeaker: Lumen White - White Light "Anniversary"
Analog Turntable: Lumen White - Mystere
Power amplifier: Ayon - Crossfire Evolution & Alpha
Pre amp:
Ayon - Spheris III - Linestage
Ayon - Spheris
Ayon CD-T
Ayon NW-T
Ayon Sigma  & Stealth


Visit us on the next exhibition:

Hall 1  S03

14th  May 2015 – 17th  May 2015

M,O,C, München
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München

Ayon Auris "Hifi Muzyka" (Polish version & English translated)

April 2015,  Poland

English Version

Ayon BlackFire

April 2015

"Timeless design, modern  elegance and state-of-the-art technology"


Ayon Spirit Power Amplifier

March 2015

We are proud to introduce a new generation of fully balanced designed KT150 stereo power amplifier, the Spirit PA.


Ayon Vulcan Evolution

March 2015

“One of the most superb sounding and powerful single-ended triode amplifier”


S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.24.41 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active!


  • Deactivated external clock mode in CnE.
  • Fixed PLAY COMMAND incorrect implementation.
  • added termination characters to Si534x driver
  • updated Si534x configuration
  • fixed deadlock in libstream data provider
  • updated i2c configuration of external clock
  • implemented SI534X driver

Ayon Vulcan Evo „Stereoplay“

March 2015, Germany


Some review quotes: English Translation

Ultimate big sound
The Vulcan Evo of course obeys the well known Ayon principles, i.e. features an automatic bias control system including tube test program. Additionally there are protective circuits making the giant amplifier extremely operationally safe. Consequently it is not a big surprise that also the Ayon sound specifications are fulfilled: the new monos make music enormously powerful, voluminous and acutely colored; subjectively, they do not only deliver tube power no-end, but also produce a strong tactile controlled bass. Team working with the Ayon network player S-3 the Vulcan Evo expands a sheer boundless soundstage, that does not even shrink when the stunning dynamic reserves of the two giants are required. Transparency, no loss of finest details, nevertheless always enough warmth and stupendous velocity are further praising key-words which in this case imperatively must be mentioned.

This is the ultimate single-ended tube amp.


Einige Zitate: German original

Ultimativer, großer Klang
Die Vulcan Evo gehorcht ansonsten natürlich den bekannten Ayon-Prinzipien, besitzt also auch ein sich automatisch einsteuerndes Ruhestromsystem inklusive Röhrentest-Programm. Hinzu kommen Schutzschaltungen, die den komplexen Verstärkerriesen überaus betriebssicher werden lassen. Das auch das Klang-Pflichtenheft von Ayon erfüllt wird, ist dann schon keine große Überraschung mehr: Die neuen Monos machen enorm emotional, druckvoll, voluminös und überaus farbig Musik, liefern subjektiv nicht nur straffe Röhrenpower bis zum abwinken, sondern produzieren auch harten, griffig kontrollierten Bass. Im Teamwork mit Ayons Networkplayer S-3 zieht die Vulcan Evo eine schier grenzenlose große Klangbühne auf, die auch dann, wenn die schon fulminanten Dynamikreserven der beiden Riesen gefragt sind, um keinen Deut zusammenschmilzt. Transparenz, Detailtreue, trotzdem immer genug Wärme und stupende Schnelligkeit sind die weiteren lobenden Schlagworte, die in diesem Fall unbedingt vorkommen müssen.

Das ist der ultimative Single-Ended-Röhren-Amp.

Ayon Spheris Phono “Soundrebels“ (English version)

February 2015 Poland


Ayon Crossfire Evo

“One of the most superb sounding single-ended triode amplifier”
January 2015


Ayon Spheris III  „High Fidelity“

January 2015, Poland (English Version)


Ayon Spheris III  „High Fidelity“

BEST PRODUCT 2014, Poland

A preamplifier is a heart of a classic, analogue audio system. The final sonic effect relies a lot on how well this “heart” works. Many manufacturers don't understand that, treating this element of the system lightly, often not realizing how different it is from other system elements and thus treating it not differently than a headphone amplifier or D/A Converter's output. Compared to them, Gerhard Hirt seems to be an alien from another planet. He treats preamplifier as one of the biggest challenges. He devoted a lot of time and spent even more money to achieve proper results. Spheris III is the product that took Ayon's engineers and Gerhard himself most time ever to develop. Since “HighFidelity's” chief editor, Wojciech Pacu?a, spent last few years with Ayon's Polaris linestage, using its consecutive versions: II, III, and finally III (Custom Version), he knows the path Gerhard worked his way through. That is why he can claim with utmost certainty that Spheris III outperforms all previous models by a large margin. It is the best preamplifier that ever played in Wojciech Pacu?a's system.

Ayon Audio Spheris III is now a partof “HighFidelity's” reference system.