Ayon Spirit PA “Soundrebels“ (English version)

December 2016, Poland


Klangbilder/Vienna Show Report

November 2016
(German Version)

Warsaw-Poland - High-End Show 2016

Best Sound of the Show and Best of the Best!

Ayon Triton III –  „Positive-Feedback“

November 2016, USA


2016 Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award!

We exhibit:

Hi-Fi Show/Klangbilder – Vienna / Austria, November 10th – 13th, 2016
Location: Arctotel Kaiserwasser, Wagramer Str. 8, 1220 Wien
Ayon Audio & Lumen White


Ayon S-10 Network Player

The S-10 includes a network player, computer playback, analogue preamp, a world class PCM/DSD Digital to Analog converter and a PCM – DSD converter for all PCM signals ...

Hi-End Show – Warsaw / Poland

November 4th – 6th, 2016
Ayon Audio & Lumen White


Ayon Scorpio-Mono „High Fidelity“

November 2016, Poland
(English Version)


Nautilus – Grand opening

Warsaw,  October 2016


Tokyo Show 2016

Hi-End Show – Tokyo / Japan, September 30th – October 2nd, 2016
Ayon Audio & Lumen White


Ayon Crossfire Evo “Enjoy The Music” -  BLUE NOTE AWARD 2016

September 2016,  USA


Ayon Cables – Pearl series

Almost daily we are confronted by our worldwide customers with the question which cable would be most appropriate or best sounding for their Ayon installation.
Our year-long experience designing benchmark setting tube devices and loudspeakers have been introduced into the realization of our tonal imagination of cables.
It is our passion to create equipment, loudspeakers, and cables for the audiophile enthusiast contributing to not only experience reproduced musical events “live” in the sense of a direct emotional musicality of a concert event, but also to make available the tonal possibilities of technically perfectly recorded music with the same perfection.

Scorpio Mono

The Scorpio monoblock combines neutrality, realistic dynamics andpower projection, true musicality with high resolution.Perfect finish, elegant discrete design and outstanding sonic performancemake the “Scorpio” unique, setting a new price-to-value standard in its price class for monoblock designs.

Ayon Scorpio & Spirit III "Analog" (Japanese)

2016 Summer / Vol. 51,  Japan

Ayon S-3 Junior “Soundrebels“ (English version)

June 2016, Poland


Show Report TAS – “The Show Newport 2016”

Irvine, California

"Best of Show" - Cost No Object - Robert Harley

Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound - Lumenwhite White Light 25 Anniversary Loudspeaker - “Best of Show"

Robert Harley’s Best of Show

Best Sound (cost no object)

The newly introduced Lumen White White Light speaker from Switzerland ($70k) not only looked gorgeous, but also sounded fabulous driven by Ayon electronics and front end.

Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound - 2016

Show Report TAS – “The Show Newport 2016”

Irvine, California

Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound

Lumen White intro’d its $70k White Light 25th Anniversary three-way with ceramic drivers driven by Ayon XS monos, and the sound was so good I gave it a double exclamation point in my notes. With an extremely wide soundstage with virtually no box coloration (thanks to an “instrument-grade” birch enclosure), it sounded open and natural and fast on an Dianne Reeves vocal from a Wynton Marsalis CD (and on Marsalis’ trumpet). Due to the huge room, there was a bit of midbass bump; nonetheless, the White Light had superb bowing detail on bass fiddle. Minus the room issues this was a terrific debut.

Most Significant Debut

The Lumen White White Light 25th Anniversary.

Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound - 2016

Munich Show 2016

Visit us on our next exhibition:

Booth C 03, Hall 1  ( Living Sound GmbH – Ayon Audio – Lumen White )

05th -  08th  May 2016

M,O,C, München
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München

New Ayon HA-3 Amplifier

April 2016

The HA-3 was developed for headphone lovers searching exclusively the very special music experience.It impresses with it’s Single-Ended-Triode technology taken to its respective extremes by Ayon in all their products. Selected in-house AA45 Mesh super triodes, the perhaps most perfect and best sounding low-power triode for headphone amp design, are applied in combination with special super-permalloy wound output transformers. Read More...

Herewith we announce that the Axiss Corporation has taken over the Ayon rights of distribution for Japan and will immediately commence introducing Ayon Audio into the market.

Axiss Corporation
2 Chrome 34-27 Jingumae,
150-0001 Tokyo


 Phone: +81 3 5410-0071
Email: post@axiss.co.jp
Homepage: www.axiss.co.jp

Ayon Spitifire "Stereoplay"

March 2016, Germany

An updated USB-XMOS driver (PCM24-192 & DSD ) for WIN7 – WIN10 is available.

Version v3.20.0

This driver is suitable for following models: CD-1sc, CD-3s, CD-5s, CD-07s, CD-1sx, CD-3sx, Sigma, Stealth and Stratos.

Download the driver here.

Ayon BlackArrow-s & Spirit III "Stereo - Hifi Analog Spezial No.3"

February 2016, Germany

Ayon Spitfire  “Soundrebels“

January 2016, Poland


Ayon BlackArrow-S

Ayon attaches great importance to spatial 3-D reproduction, neutrality, resolution, and dynamics. All these features have been realized also in the BlackArrow-S. The laminated wooden instrument housing and the linear-homogeneous tuning and their minimal phase rotation leave the acoustic colours completely intact.


Ayon CD-3sx "The Absolute Sound - TAS 259"

January 2016, USA