Ayon BlackCrane


Ayon – BlackCrane

“Timeless design, modern elegance and state-of-the-art technology”

A loudspeaker masterpiece with breathtaking musicality, transparency and extraordinary dynamics.

Lovers of lower-powered tube amplifiers will experience a new audiophile dimension of dynamics, freedom of distortion and compression, airiness, and agility. All of this has been unequaled until now, creating a great “listening addiction.” This speaker is an absolute universal genius incarnating all attributes, permitting an uncompromising reproduction at the ultimate audiophile level without any ifs and buts, dependent only upon the power of the amp.

The BlackCrane represents more than 20 years of our experience in speaker manufacturing, and it is one of the most exciting and beautiful speakers we have ever built.

It is really a piece of “artwork” !


Features & Design

With this flagship the Austrian master craftsman has made a totally outstanding and unique three-part cabinet design. A distinctive cabinet with highest level of complexity (it is perhaps one of the most difficult Plywood-wood cabinets to build) and it is perfectly bent all around the wood surfaces. No compromise in research and development guarantees true musical neutrality. Depth in imaging reveals the top grade of music reproduction through an audiophile instrument of the highest art. Breath-taking transparency and dynamic linearity is coupled with an excellent deep holographic soundstage. As a matter of course, we selected only the finest available materials with superb sound characteristics.

The speaker is additionally equipped with a special “dual” transistor-tube crossover network circuit, which is probably unique up until today. Here, especially when coupled with the “tube amp”, for the first time a speaker configuration is responsive to and adapted to the properties of single-ended as well as push-pull tube amplifiers.

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Ayon real wood veneer finishes

The Ayon loudspeaker models are available in a choice of the most exciting real wood veeners.
Standard veneers are: French Walnut-HG, Tineo-HG and Etimo-HG. optional veneers on request!

SpeakerAyon BlackCrane
System3-way Airflow Damping System (ADS)
Cabinet MaterialResonance optimized instrument plywood
Cabinet DesignElliptic
Driver Complement1.2″ Cell-Ceramic Tweeter
6.7″ Cell-Ceramic Midrange
4 x 6.7″ Ceramic Woofer
Crossover frequencies400Hz / 3500 Hz
Impedance4 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W / 1m)93.5 dB
Recommended Amp Power20W – 200 Watt
Frequency Response31 Hz – 30 kHz / -3 dB
Internal Wire – OCC typeCustom made
Bi-Wire TerminalWBT NextGen
Transistor or Tube amplifier – Crossover network adjustmentToggle switch
Add Crossover network adjustment – Crossover network adjustment3 binding posts & cable jumpers
Dimensions (HxWxD)  each137 x 38 x 28 cm
Weight, each65 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice.


The Absolute Sound Award - Ayon Audio "The Bugatti of Audio"