Pearl - Speaker

The Pearl series speaker cables feature a 5 conductors geometry. Two of the conductors are dedicated to the signal transmission itself, while three are dedicated to the collection and grounding of the earth currents generated by the passage of electrons into the wires during the normal playback in any kind of cable. The signal transportation conductors are multi stranded ones and feature seven strands with a total section of 2,7 mm. The twisting and patterns are proprietary and custom made for Ayon, following our research specifications. The three earth grounding wires are solid cores. The Pearl series Speaker cables feature a double isolation, accomplishing the MIL C17 Military standard specifications of the US Defence Department that ensures a stunning 98% shielding capability. The Pearl series speaker cables are made of the purest 7N Copper (99,99%). The copper conductors are custom produced upon Ayon’s specification in a proprietary process (cold-drawn continuum copper cast).

The copper conductors are silver plated using a proprietary galvanic treatment to obtain the thinner possible silver layer, the silver we use is of the maximum purity commercially available (99,99%). The geometry pattern delivers a maniacally perfect symmetry in the signal transmission (which is extremely important) and the same symmetry is granted for the earth grounding. The silence reached (alias absence of noise) is absolutely best in class, and this is only one of the many qualities you will always recognize in the Pearl series cables.

The Pearl speakers cables were designed to transport the precious musical signals without adding or subtracting absolutely nothing; pure musical performance, pure pleasure.