Ayon CD-35 II “Reference CD-Player”

The Ayon CD-35 II establishes a new benchmark in SE-Triode vacuum-tube CD-Player performance by combining a fully balanced PCM-DSD DAC.

The CD-35 II is also prepared for computer playback and general DSD professional audio use. The CD-35 II is in many respects a new ground-breaking CD-Player design with an advanced technology like a new vacuum tube output stage, new magnetic integral clamp system, new DAC design and a switchable PCM-DSD converter (DSP module).

Based on a zero-feedback, pure tube circuit design and a tube rectified power supply, the CD-35 II reveals the manifold layers of music with utmost transparency while projecting a deep and highly focused 3D soundstage. Its bass is extended and powerful, its midrange pure, liquid and permeated with natural warmth, while the top is extraordinarily clean and finely detailed. This Reference CD-Player offers an uncompromising quality level in every aspect. The CD-35 II is one of the most exciting CD-Player with vacuum-tube output stage and the best sounding CD-Player what Ayon Audio ever built.