Ayon Crossfire Evo - Integrated

The Crossfire Evo is a completely new design ranging from an innovative driver and gain stage, new volume control, an output transformer with new coil technology by means of which the amplifier in the lower frequency range can work significantly more stable without limiting its fresh, vivid, and holographic typical Ayon sound performance. New super strong power transformers combined with more powerful power and driver stage chokes assure the increased peak current consumption of the power supply.
It’s uncompromising design with rich and varied interplay of macro- and micro lines of dynamic performance ideally paired with the „right” speakers result in an extremely fluent, powerful, and emotional sound stage, which never sounds harsh, listless, or annoying. The ambiance of the original event is reproduced with uncanny precision as space illuminated by music. The Crossfire Evo is a magic masterpiece of simplicity and function which is pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch.