Ayon Triton Evo

After eight years of manufacturing of the legendary Triton III model we are proud to announce the introduction of the new Triton Evo. The Triton Evo is not a simple update; it is a totally new re-design featuring new operating and protection circuit boards. All the gain and driver stages have been also re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. We have implemented a completely new driver stage, a new choke system, an updated bias system, and a new volume control. For the output transformer we have endeavored new ways with a first-time groundbreaking coil technology to achieve even more sound performance, by means of which the amplifier in the lower frequency range can work significantly more stable without limiting its fresh, vivid, and holographic sound performance. The added result of the new output transformer is a significant advance in sonic performance, wider and deeper airy soundstage with greatly improved deeper bass, punch and dynamics.

All these technical measures and further developments lead to a Triton Evo revealing a new chapter of combination in sound and power, therefor establishing itself as one of the best, if not the best integrated amplifier with four KT150 tubes per channel, regardless of its price.