Ayon – BlackRaven

“ Timeless design, modern elegance and outstanding technology “

The BlackRaven is the consistent advancement of the legendary former Ayon ceramic loudspeaker series (Seagull, Hawk, Falcon, and Eagle) anno 2003 – 2010. Only 9 years later with the new ceramic chassis technology we could develop further the loudspeaker decisively mounting ceramic chassis. Implementing specially produced special impedance bass-chassis-coils we could draw the impedance up and design the acoustic 6dB-cross-over much simpler. Also, the improved "almost not damped" elliptical Ayon instrument plywood cabinet (with its unequalled all-around radiating characteristics – by means of the elongated elliptical front plate the sound being carried into the room far and quasi "all around") further contributes to the very easy operation of amplifiers, particularly the lovers of low-powered solid-state and tube amplifiers could hardly avoid this loudspeaker. The BlackRaven distinguishes itself by a very three-dimensional, sophisticated, transparent, light-footed, and spatial reproduction, with the bass playing dynamically, deep, and powerful. The BlackRaven is an audiophile universal genius, incarnating all attributes of an uncompromising reproduction at the top-level.

Design Background - Philosophy


BlackRaven Frech Nut-HG with Central black chassis decor strip




BlackRaven Black Piano

Ayon real wood veneer finishes

The Ayon loudspeaker models are available in a choice of the most exciting real wood veeners.
Standard veneers are: French Walnut-HG, Tineo-HG and Etimo-HG. optional veners on request!

French Nut-HG
Popular Burl-HG
Birds Eye Maple-HG

(Please note that due the minor image resolution of websites and different screen adjustments and their different quality level, all shown images will not give a true impression of the veneer structure, finesse and color level  of the cabinet finishes)


Speaker Ayon BlackRaven
System 1/2-way
Airflow Damping System (ADS)
Cabinet Design Elliptic
Cabinet Material Resonance optimized instrument plywood
Driver Complement

1 x 1.2" Cell-Ceramic Tweeter
1 x 6.7" Ceramic Woofer/Mid
1 x 6.7" Ceramic Woofer

Crossover frequencies 1000Hz / 2300Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 92 dB
Frequency Response 35Hz -30 kHz / -3 db
Terminal WBT NextGen
Internal Wire Custom made
Bass Boost Switchable
Dimensions (HxWxD) each 111x35x23 cm
Weight, each 35 kg
Specifications subject to change without notice