2016 Editors’ Choice Award: Ayon Audio CD-3sx — The Absolute Sound


Ayon CD-3sx 2016 Editors’ Choice Award

2016 Editors’ Choice Awards: Disc Players $2,000 – $10,000

by TAS Staff           September 2, 2016 Categories: Disc players, Multi-format disc players

Ayon CD-3sx Front

Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD-player/DAC/Preamplifier

The Class A vacuum-tube-based CD-3sx has the capability to serve as a CD player, a multi-input PCM/DSD DAC, and an analog input preamplifier, all in one package. Having this much capability enables the CD-3sx to be the featured component in a minimalist arrangement, while in a more elaborate setup the CD-3sx can serve the traditional role of CD-player/DAC. The CD-3sx produces an all-inclusive experience with the music without pushing too much detail that can—at times—distract the listener’s connection to the performance. Covering nearly every digital format (with the exception of the physical SACD), this playback device will nestle down comfortably in nearly any stereo system and perform at a high level.  Click here to read more