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AXPONA 2018 Show Report — Audio Expo North America

Ayon Audio, Lumenwhite – “Best Sound” Axpona 2018

Axpona 2018 Lumenwhite

   Ayon Audio really delivered during the AXPONA 2018 show with their Spheris preamplifier and Ayon Orthos II XS GEN 4 monoblocks ($27,000 per pair). These are pure Class A 180 Watt in triode mode, or switchable to 300 Watt in pentode via KT150 output tubes. The Ayon Orthos Spheris III line stage ($34,000) employs tube regulation within a separate chassis to keep power supply noise away from the delicate analog signal. As for speakers, as much as the above pic gives a good photo-visual-only example, you reeeeally need to see how stunning these are in person! The Lumenwhite Kyara Loudspeakers ($49,000 per pair) has all the audiophile pedigree needed… and this system sounded great! Before i forget, for digital duties the Ayon S-10 Signature vacuum tube Network Player ($8500) and Ayon CD-35 HF SACD / Preamp / DAC ($22,000) also made a showing. Overall I always seem to come away impressed with the sheer speed, yet harmonic rightness of the Ayon / Lumenwhite combo. Did I remember to mention how incredibly stunning the speaker cabinets looked? Wow!

Ayon Crossfire Axpona 2018