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Ayon Epsilon Monoblock

AYON EPSILON – “HXOS” (Greece) 5-star award
The Epsilon Monoblock immediately makes clear its wider power bandwidth with more speed, top-end air, detailed resolution and more articulate combined with an impactful bass. It has also a wonderful ability to unravel complex musical threads with grain less purity and surprising musical dynamics. This true balanced monoblock provides perhaps the finest KT88 / KT150 design performance available anywhere near its price.

Ayon Epsilon Monoblocks Front

When we carried Ayon Audio’s Crossfire Evo monoblock amplifier for review to my apartment on the fourth floor, my mind flooded with memories of a Germany reviewer that uses Ayon Audio’s Epsilon mono amplifiers for quite some time. He use them in both his mastering work while preparing vinyl re-issues and for reviewing purposes. His amplifiers use eight KT150 tubes each to produce sound. Attendees of the Audio Show 2014 in Warsaw (Poland) could find that out for themselves listening to how well these amps handled the mighty Dynaudio Platinum Evidence loudspeakers

Single – Ended class A Triode Amplification (with real-world power and control to spare)
Ayon’s state-of-the art triode vacuum tube amplifiers provide music lovers worldwide with an authentic listening experience in their home environments. They offer abundant power resources unavailable from conventional designs while fully maintaining and expanding the traditional qualities of the single ended topology.
Research and development of our triode amplifiers is conducted by a team of renowned experts at our high end manufacturing facility in Austria. Absolute tonal neutrality, outstanding dynamics and a so far unknown level of resolution are trademarks of our amplifiers, complemented by an explosively fast and uncoloured bass and high power triode performance.
Their sound staging and ambient retrieval equals the finesse of the legendary low power triode designs while leaving behind their disadvantages of high distortion, coloration and limited dynamic reserves. Advanced zero feedback class A circuitry and cutting edge output transformer design make Ayon triode amplifiers recreate music with irresistible magic and authenticity.