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It is not that Gerhard Hirt is able to prepare a system worth awarding the Best Sound Award for each exhibition, at least not in Munich. In Warsaw, however, he seems to have a patent for preparing one of the best exhibition systems. The problem with exhibitions in Munich is a very small room with thin walls. This year, however, everything was very, very pleasant, mainly thanks to “the smallest” speakers from the Silver Flame series. “The smallest” because they are still quite large five-speaker speakers, based on ceramic drivers. Anyway, they are the smallest in the series.

The sound was so good, i.e. coherent, dynamic and characterized by very high resolution also thanks to the source – the CD-35 player, the Conquistador preamp and Orthos power amplifiers. However, the speakers themselves let the system sound in such an open and unconstrained way. The Lumen White are one of those constructions characterized by the highest resolution that I know, showing every error on the way. They clearly found nothing in this system. It was interesting, at least for me, that Gerhard placed all his devices on Harmonix decoupling feet.

  • Super Audio CD player: Ayon Audio CD-35 ( €10,000)
  • File player: Ayon Audio S-10 (€7,500)
  • Preamplifier: Ayon Audio Conquistador (€60,000)
  • Power amplifiers: Ayon Audio Orthos (€25,000)
  • Speakers: Lumen White Kyara (€48,800/pair)
  • Cables: Ayon Pearl Cables



Wojciech Pacula

High Fidelity.pl

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