Ayon Audio S-10 II Firmware Update

For over 4 decades, Ayon Audio has been handcrafting world class vacuum tubes and vacuum tube audio equipment, setting the benchmark and new standards for high end audio performance. Altruistic reliability, product durability, Ayon Iconic design and superb resale value.  Now we have added Tidal Connect as a source via the S-10 II and Signature units.

New FW release for S-10 II

-Enable TIDAL Connect

-Show album art for DSD _les played from USB storage

TIDAL is a global music streaming platform bringing fans closer to artists through unique experiences and the highest sound quality. With the Ayon S-10 II, you will hear those songs like no ever has.  So don’t wait.  Update your Ayon S-10 II firmware to the latest release and get the ultimate music experience with a library of over 80 million songs

Tidal Connect on the S-10II