Ayon Audio S-10 Network Player


Ayon S-10

In 2011 Ayon Audio has set a milestone with the S-3: the first network-player with top-class vacuum-tube technology worldwide, separate DAC section and an analogue preamp section. 6 years later we present the successor S-10 and it was created to embody, in more advanced technologies and very flexible player, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing our reference Network-Player products. The S-10 includes a network player, computer playback, analogue preamp, a world class PCM/DSD Digital to Analog converter and a PCM – DSD converter for all PCM signals that gives an outstanding sound performance that you would expect from an Ayon product. The S-10 is based on a modular platform and can be composed variably. There is a variety of choices available.
Of course, there are again a modern puristic and tonal significantly decisive tube output stage and a newly developed fully symmetrical dual mono DAC.
Its spacious 3D image combined with an enormous agility and stirring reproduction are only a few trademarks unified in this exceptional device.
This tube based network-player represents a new sound performance standard in its price category.