Ayon HA-3 “Stereoplay“ – April 2017, Germany

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Some review quotes: English Translation

Also in the HA-3 and practically unchanged you find again Ayon’s tonal philosophy already known from the big powerful triode amps. This includes a dry, acutely firm, and voluminous bass-fundament, that also here became unmistakably manifest with the rather slimly “predisposed” Sennheiser HD800. Impact and depth combined with rapid attack offer a top-class headphone sound experience, in which the Ayon scores with its “tubal” silky and above all colourful sound. Nowhere else you may hear more glaze, emotion and proverbially dramatically pronounced timing with this top-class headphone with its usual tendency to preferably cooler analytics. This might be a reason for the success.

Assessment: “with its colourful, powerful bass, and voluminous sound Ayon’s triode amp instils a bright coloured-exciting, powerful reproduction also in rather cool and slender sounding headphones without losing transparency. Definitely one of the best headphone-amplifiers at all. “

Price-performance ratio: excellent

Awarded with the Stereoplay Highlight logo

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