Ayon S-10 II Transport

The S10II-T is a new outstanding Network-Transport design with its “tube buffered digital output stage” and a PCM-DSD converter and internal “server” option. The Network-Transport can be connected with any external DAC or CD-player with a digital input (DAC section). The S-10 II-T includes a music network player, computer playback, USB drive playback and a scalable digital volume control system.

Special attention was paid to the power supply and the digital output signal, because this digital interface is significantly involved to achieve “analog-magic” sound properties in the external DAC to a large extent. The S10-T was developed to get all the advantages of a so-called “MHz tube” in the digital output stage and in combination with streaming. The S-10 II-T combines both in a unique way and offers a new dimension of sound far beyond its class.