Ayon S-3 Junior – „AVMENTOR” – March 2017, Greece;

Review summary: English Translation

All functions available by the S3-junior user’s interface are easy to use by everyone while the 3,5-inch display is clear and keeps you always informed.

The first impression you get by listening to the S-3 junior is a big 3D soundstage which is always pleasant and friendly to the listener.

The neutral character of the player is revealed immediately together with a discrete tube- flavour giving all tracks the positive aspect of each recording!

S-3 junior is always resulting transparent and detailed with a good description of micro dynamics without being dominate to the music program.

Bass is deep but always solid and controlled without ever being “heavy”. The same is happening with the mid-bass.

Midrange is the most crucial point to criticize the Junior (!) Voices of all kind and a chorus remained always transparent and natural while the listener is keeping the right distance between him and the stage!

All the instruments are visible with the real “airy” distance between them too. The whole music is presented pleasant to the ear: clear and without any fatigue traces even in high volumes!!

Regarding the high frequencies, the S-3 junior creates the feeling of a “relaxed” and detailed character without been too warm! However the body of the highs remains true to life: clear, solid just giving you the possibility to enjoy the quality of each recording! The S-3 j preamplifier is as good as you expect. Transparency, accuracy mixed with a “polite” character probably due to its tube output stage…

CONCLUSION: We have a very interesting proposal from Ayon to everyone who is seeking to buy a non-costly audiophile streamer/dac/preamplifier combo!