Ayon Spheris III – High Fidelity Best Product Award

Ayon Spheris III

Ayon-Spheris-III-Linestage-Left            Best Product 2014 Award High Fidelity     

High Fidelity’s BEST PRODUCT 2014 Award, Poland

A preamplifier is a heart of a classic, analogue audio system. The final sonic effect relies a lot on how well this “heart” works. Many manufacturers don’t understand that, treating this element of the system lightly, often not realizing how different it is from other system elements and thus treating it not differently than a headphone amplifier or D/A Converter’s output. Compared to them, Gerhard Hirt seems to be an alien from another planet. He treats preamplifier as one of the biggest challenges. He devoted a lot of time and spent even more money to achieve proper results. Spheris III is the product that took Ayon’s engineers and Gerhard himself most time ever to develop. Since “HighFidelity’s” chief editor, Wojciech Pacula, spent last few years with Ayon’s Polaris linestage, using its consecutive versions: II, III, and finally III (Custom Version), he knows the path Gerhard worked his way through. That is why he can claim with utmost certainty that Spheris III outperforms all previous models by a large margin. It is the best preamplifier that ever played in Wojciech Pacula’s system.

Ayon Audio Spheris III is now a part of “HighFidelity’s” reference system.