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Ayon Audio, Lumen White
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LAAS 2017 Ayon

Wait what the??? Ayon Audio is a normal room? After many years of attending shows you simply get kinda sorta useta who’s room is where, or at least the size of their typical exhibition room and Charlie of Ayon Audio / USA Tube Audio was within a normal-sized room in a upper floor. Hmmm, as their room usually sounds special in the big main floor meeting rooms, can he make the musical magic within a typically-sized room? Ok, maybe this all sounds like nonsense to you, or perhaps i’ve been attending waaaay too many shows (non-possibility), but after about 130 shows in total year after year… and then something changes you notice anomalies, like me wearing a suit. These things are as rare as hen’s teeth! 

LAAS 2017 Ayon Amp

OK, enough gibberish, as there is Ayon Audio vacuum tube monoblocks driving Lumen White Anniversary speakers. Listening notes say, “Very deep, wide past the speakers soundscape. Timing and phase were excellent, with a top-tapping feel. Just one of those systems you want to dance to with that special someone”. Lumen White’s White Light Anniversary is the company’s “Tour de Force” speaker. Yes indeed, i was right as they are driver time-alignment, with precision-rounded baffle edges. Frequency response is super-wide at 30Hz to 35kHz. Makes sense from what i was hearing. Ayon Audio monoblock tube amps and Lumen White’s White Light Anniversary floorstander had the best full-frequency with very well defined imaging at LAAS 2017.

LAAS 2017 Charlie