LumenWhite White Light Anniversary – Review

Switch to ceramic basin woofer

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Lumen White’s most classic White Light speaker launches the anniversary edition “White Light Anniversary”, the biggest difference is the latest Ceradome embossed ceramic woofer, with a mid-range and tweeter that is also a ceramic diaphragm. It is sure to make White Light’s classic identity last forever.

The appearance of the White Light Anniversary is basically the same as that of the general version of White Light. It still uses a 5-cell 3-way design, but the tweeter can be used with 1 inch ceramic or 1 inch diamond treble, and the midrange is 5 inch ceramic monomer. The bass is changed to the latest Ceradome ceramic monomer. The biggest feature is that the diaphragm is a convex basin. The geometry is optimized to reduce the pulse energy storage effect and energy accumulation, and metal, plastic, composite materials, etc. Compared with the diaphragm, the ceramic monomer has no more sound and the sound is purer. Not only that, the White Light Anniversary unit uses “overhung” (short voice coil, long magnetic gap) design, which can improve the control of the voice coil of the magnetic circuit system, which helps to reduce distortion and make the voice coil work more linearly.

The speakers of the White Light Anniversary are also very special. The multi-layer splint of different density is used in each part to make the overall resonance of the speaker more balanced. White Light believes that the characteristics of this material are better than those of composite materials, metal or solid wood. The back of the White Light Anniversary still features a patented flow-guiding reflector that naturally provides a consistent air loading and damping effect, making airflow more smooth and unobtrusive.

Equipment specifications

: 5 single 3 sound path bass reflex floor speaker
single: 1 吋 ceramic or diamond treble × 1,5 吋 ceramic midrange × 1, 7.5 吋 Ceradome bass × 3
impedance: 6 ohms
efficiency: 89dB
frequency response : 30Hz ~ 35kHz
recommended to expand the machine power: 20 ~ 200 watts
size: 1,290 × 325 × 605mm (H × W × D)
Weight: 85 kg
Imported general agent
: Quanmao Tel: 04-2234-1815