NW-T / DSD Network-Transport

A new firmware ( v8.0.21.38 ) for the NW-T/DSD is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active.


  • Added the DSF Support key (for enabling native DSD playback).
  • Fixed DSD and PCM playback: no any track time is working (counting) for UPNP based control apps.
  • Merged the latest DSD decoder fixes from other branch (fixed seek, position notifications, metadata parsing).
  • Enabled seek support for DSF, added rate limiter for DSD to reduce excessive CPU usage during startup.
  • Fixed native DSD not supported via external control point of JRiver MS.
  • Added native DSD playback.
  • Added safety check into NapIsoStreamOutput to skip unitialized interfaces when configuring audio output.