RMAF 2008 Best of Show: Ayon Audio CD-3 and CD-1 Stereomojo

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Like most high-quality, high value tube components, we assumed Ayon was made in China. NAY! Ayon is designed and made in Austria!

The moment we entered this huge room, our reaction was a unanimous “Wow!”. Charles Harrison, who imports the line for North America, did a magnificent job in emplementing this display which was a treat for the eyes as well as the ears. While this European gear is not at the bottom end of price ranges (more towards the lower mid), the quality is up there with the big, meg-buck boys. Note the unusual tube types used in these Class A, triode amps.

Ayon makes FIVE different tube integrated amps, THREE different tube monoblocks, TWO pre amps and

TWO tube CD players and

Best of Show 1


Tons of tubes driving Esclante speakers

Best of Show 2


Harrsion also imports Lector, displayed here


Best of Show 3

High in the running for Best Sound was this system (Crossfire integrated below) driving Affirm Audio Lumination speakers ($28,000/pr) with Feastrex Alnico drivers.

Best of Show 4

TOP LEFT: Crossfire SET integrated amplifier – $9,995
30Wpc, 2 x AA62B output tubes

4 x 6H30 signal & driver tubes

TOP RIGHT: Spark SET integrated amplifier – $4,995
20Wpc, 2 x 6C33 output tubes
2 x 6H30 driver tubes, 2 x 12AU7 pre tubes

Best of Show 5

Pictured above, appropriately on the top shelf, are Ayon’s best “Typhon” monos. Get a load of these features for $12,800/pair:

Full-featured true balanced, ultra-linear vacuum tube mono power amplifier
Pure Class-A triode tube-circuit design throughout all gain stages
6C33 power output tubes (russia), high peak current delivery
6H30 pre and driver tubes (russia)

High current filament-regulator for pre and driver tubes
Timer warm up circuit for all tubes, extends tube life
0dB negative feedback
Central one-point star earth grounding
Choke filtered-regulated power supply
Ideal also for more difficult loudspeaker loads
2 separate power transformers (anode – high voltage and filament – low voltage)
Power transformers are encased, excellent damped and RFI/EMI shielded
Innovative power supply provides a high speed energy delivery on transients
High performance, efficiency and encased output transformer
All transformers are sealed with an anti-resonance compound material
Selected, premium quality passive components used in all applications
Automatic power tube protection circuit system
High speed capacitors
DC-Power filter
Teflon precision tube sockets with beryllium spring contacts (custom-made by ayon)
Shortest possible signal paths
Gold-plated industrial grade PCB
Teflon isolated – internal wiring
Synergistic internal signal cable
Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
Alu-brushed anodized anti-vibration-resonance and non-magnetic chassis
Backlit “ayon” logo – front panel
All front & rear panel descriptions are engraved
External bias adjustment – rear panel
AC phase polarity control indicator
Yamamoto bias analog-instrument with mV scale
WBT/Germany – binding posts
WBT/Germany – input jack
Chassis finish: black / chrome

Best of Show 6


The Ayon Spirit integrated is on its way to us now for review. One of many Ayon reviews to come, we hope.

Best of Show Ayon CD-3


Top of the line, two box CD 3 – $6,999

Best of Show Ayon CD-1

Ayon CD-1 $4,299

Best of Show 7

   Ayon also makes their own power tubes in the Czeck Republic.