RMAF 2013: Ayon Audio CD-3s DAC & others – Stereomojo


Here’s some relatively new brands to the US market that have been around in Europe for years.

Made In Germany!

MA8 – Mono Amps 24,760
PA8 – Preamp 11,200
CD8T- Tube CD Player 12,900
Gauder Akustik Berlina 7 – Speakers 29,000
Gauder Akustik Arcona 100 – Speakers 7900
Gauder Akustik Arcona 80 – Speakers 5700
Gauder Akustik Arcona 40 – Speakers 3000

Sounds very expensive, looks very expensive, but prices aren’t as high as many brands that

cost a lot more. We’re looking for ward to reviews.


Accustic Arts RMAF 2013

1) Accustic Arts AMP II MK2 Power Amp – $13150

The driver stage of the AMP II – MK 2 works on the principle of the current mirror. This circuit principle enables power to be drawn from an existing current. The AMP II – MK 2 is therefore a “power-controlled” output amplifier whereby the large number of MOSFET transistors ensure a very high current capacity without having to stretch the transistors to their performance limit. The AMP II – MK 2 is therefore also suitable for impedance critical or low-ohm loudspeaker systems. Ingenious circuitry removes the need for a servo controller for the “offset” and the quiescent current is generated via the IC or current mirror driver. As a result, direct and alternating current errors (DC and music signal errors) are immediately corrected. This means the total offset is exclusively determined by the quality and symmetry of the used ICs.

Dual-mono reference power amplifier with completely isolated power supply for each amplifier channel
24 selected MOS-FET output transistors of finest quality
Magnetically shielded and encapsulated toroidal core transformer of premium quality for highest output reserves
Maximum total transformer power: 2,200 VA (watts)
Optimum smoothing thanks to 160,000 µF power supply capacity; Premium quality capacitors (“Made in Germany”)
Very high damping factor for perfect speaker control
Professional protection circuit against clipping, HF oscillations and too high DC offset
Integrated switch-on current limitation for highest operational safety
Constant low operating temperature due to generously dimensioned heat sinks
Balanced input (XLR) and unbalanced input (RCA) – the inputs are switchable
Very high quality, gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-amping speaker terminal
Extremely stable, massive and resonance optimized housing, fully made of aluminium; inlay made of massive brass, polished and chromed

ACCUSTIC ARTS® AMP II – MK2 is “Handmade in Germany”

2) Accustic Arts Tube Preamp II – $10750

The general concept of the TUBE PREAMP II – MK2
The ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PREAMP II – MK2 is a preamplifier with an exceptional and uncompromising design along the lines of the so-called tube-hybrid concept. This concept, also an integral part of our TUBE-DAC II, combines the advantages of transistor technology with the advantages of the tube principle. Tubes are excellent voltage amplifiers, but can only supply a limited amount of current. As a result, in the TUBE PREAMP II – MK2 we place the tubes exactly there where these clear advantages can influence the acoustic pattern, i.e. for the voltage amplification. In places where current has to be supplied, e.g. for impedance conversion, we use the proven premium IC OPA627® from Burr Brown / Texas Instruments. This combination allows us to achieve very low-resistance outputs which are also characterized by a high current capability. We use solid state technology and tubes to take advantage of their physical characteristics to realize an exceptional, analogue sound experience with an extremely low harmonic distortion and excellent harmonic distortion spectrum which sets standards.

As opposed to most tube preamplifiers, the TUBE PREAMP II – MK2 is in fact fully balanced, i.e. with 4 completely separate amplification stages from the signal input to the signal output.

The 4 amplification stages are divided into one inverting and one non-inverting signal path per channel. Each of these amplification stages contains a high precision tube manufactured according to military specifications. This principle enables perfect channel separation.

The loudness is adjusted via a high-end selective, high precision 4 channel potentiometer. It is natural that the TUBE PREAMP II – MK2 functions completely according to the proven Class A principle.

Ayon CD-3s

3) Ayon Audio CD-3s DAC Transport – $8600

Full-featured Tube Top Loader CD-Player
Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation
Warm up function
0dB negative feedback (of any kind )
Ultra short signal path
Simplest direct circuit path for purest musical sound and high reliability
Low output impedance for driving long runs interconnect to an amplifier, and any tube or solid state power amp
No solid state devices in the analog tube output (signal path )
Minimal discrete wiring for optimum signal propagation
No followers or buffers in the signal path
No DC servo that degrades the signal
High quality parts throughout
Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
Separate analog output stage for left and right channel
Burr Brown D/A converter
Upsampling 24bit/192kHz and on/off switchable
Digital input – S/PDIF (RCA) , AES/EBU (XLR), I2S & TosLink
USB input – 24/192 kHz ( asynchronous )
Digital output – S/PDIF (RCA)
Power Supply
The power supplies have been further refined with new components and enhanced AC line noise filtration.