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Ayon Audio and Lumenwhite at the RMAF 2017


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Ayon Audio and Lumenwhite keep getting Best Of Sound at shows from not just us, but from other mags too and so once again they don’t disappoint. This year at RMAF they had the little ‘Baby Brother’ Lumenwhite Kyara loudspeakers being driven by the new Ayon Orthos II Gen 4 monoblock amps. Lumenwhite Kyara loudspeakers ($49,000) feature Accuton drivers specially made for Lumenwhite to their specs. Instrument grade cabinets are obvious just from looking at the fine craftsmanship, with the finish seen here being French Nut. Ayon Orthos II Gen 4 monoblock amplifiers ($27,000) operate in triode to produce 250 Watts per mono amp. Charlie Harrison of Ayon also brought with him the S-10 ($10,000) vacuum tube streamer, pre-amplifier, MQA, DSD, Tidal, Roon compatible unit. Yes sir, it sings, it dances, it handles playing your fave tunes!

Ayon’s Spheris III Gen 4 ($33,000) vacuum tube pre-amp has a separate vacuum tube power supply to ensure any noise from the power supply does not reach the critical analog signal. Ayon’s CD-35 ($12,000) vacuum tube DAC, pre-amplifier and handles SACD. Lastly, the BBS Amp Stands ($4000) are made with aircraft grade aluminum, have a special honey comb vibration control, are are available in black plus four other anodized colors. The frame structure is solid stainless steel and made within the USA.

Ayon Audio’s HA-3 ($3595) was developed for headphone lovers and take advantage of single-ended triode tubes for output. Specially selected in-house AA45 Mesh super triodes are used in combination with special super-permalloy wound output transformers. A sequenced soft-start power up helps to extend tube life, while the signal is kept as pure as possible via an ultra short signal path.