RMAF 2018 Show Report – Ayon Audio Lumenwhite The Absolute Sound

RMAF 2018 Show Report – The Absolute Sound Ayon Audio Lumenwhite Electronics $15k and Up

By Julie Mullins | Nov 01st, 2018

Most Significant New Products !

A pair of the Ayon Audio Epsilon Gen 4 monoblock amplifiers ($18,000/pr.), one of which is pictured below, were introduced in a system with an Ayon Auris preamplifier ($10,500) and an Ayon S-10 network-streamer vacuum-tube preamp ($8300) in front of LumenWhite Kyara loudspeakers ($49,900) in a French nutwood finish. Ayon’s Epsilon amps employ five KT-150 tubes and this setup combo delivered a lively, potent sonic presentation with not a trace of “tubey-ness”—fast, clean, and harder-hitting than expected on some tough tracks via Tidal, such as Boris Blank’s “Electrified,” and The White Stripes’ “In the Cold, Cold Night” where the echo on Meg White’s plaintive vocals came through and the deep organ rumbles were well-controlled. In tonal balance most playback selections registered as slightly top-down, i.e., tending towards a more treble-leaning sound, so heavier rock tracks had a touch less heft. Enjoyable listening!

The Absolute Sound Ayon Epsilon Amps

The Absolute Sound Ayon Epsilon Amps

Ayon Audio Epsilon Gen 4 monoblock amplifier was introduced at the show alongside the Ayon Audio Auris preamplifier.