S-3, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player

A new firmware ( v8.0.17.28 ) for the S-3, S-5 and NW-T is available as download.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the power supply, internet connection or switching the input selector while the update download is active !

  • mute line is active while startup and while audio in pause mode
  • fixed module error when loading NetAPI
  • merged latest mDNS code from trunk
  • major update: merged all latest changes from trunk (nap, networking, upnp, sds, netapi)
  • fixed various time calculation problems during >176kHz playback
  • fixed sharp noise at track change or pausing/stopping FLAC176/24 and 192/24
  • major NAPv3 code merge from SeDMP3
  • latest BTB code with fixed text encoding conversion routines from SeDMP3
  • merged latest RDMFS code from SeDMP3
  • dynamic webserver resources loading – increased the amount of available ram
  • binary search activated
  • merged minor upnp stuff from trunk
  • enabled optimizations in upnp
  • exchanged device icons for listings in external control points and for Network view in Vista and Win7 to Ayon logo
  • enhanced feature management for DSD functionality.
  • support for the new coming Ayon Control apps
  • support for FLAC192/24 with very high bitrates via Ethernet
  • fixed audio dropouts on 1Gbit switches (Merged from Trunk 2903)