Show Reports – CES 2004, Las Vegas, USA

Mike Wright – The Stereo Times

CES 2004 Show Report PicsAlso falling in the category of “best sounds at the show” were the two systems run in the Acoustic Dreams room. The main system featured the Lumenwhite Whitelight ($40,000) and Ayon 52-B Reference amplifiers. A digital front end from dCS and the VYGER Indian Signature turntable handled the analog. The smaller system was Ayon’s Dragon S speakers ($19,225) driven by an Ayon Sunrise integrated amplifier ($6,900).

A george mark audio technologies CD player (price unknown) and DAC/preamp ($5,900) completed this system. All equipment sat on Acoustic Dreams’ own gorgeous custom-built equipment racks. As a bonus, Acoustic System’s Frank Tchang stopped by to demonstrate his Resonators: tiny metal bowls that sit atop little wood blocks. When positioned correctly they can have an interesting effect on the music’s sound. I had previously heard the main set-up (sans resonators) at a Chicago Audiophile Society meeting last year and it sounded as stunningly good then as it did here.