Showstoppers (Munich 2008 Show) – Soundstage Report

While digital keeps advancing, so too does analog. Vyger showed their lowest-priced turntable, the Baltic M, which is priced at 4990 €, far less than the company’s flagship models, and equipped with an SME 312 tonearm (but no cartridge). One interesting feature of the Baltic M is the…

Austria’s Lumen White showed two new speaker models that feature Accuton drivers and beautifully sculpted cabinets. On the left is the Silver Flame, priced at 24.990 € per pair and featuring three 7″ ceramic woofers, one 5″ ceramic midrange, and a 1″ ceramic tweeter. On the right is the Diamond Light, priced at 79.990 € per pair, featuring three 9″ ceramic woofers, one 7″ midrange, and a 1.2″ diamond tweeter. Playing in the room was the Silver Flame, which impressed us enough to name the demo a Standout.

Austria’s Living Sound — worldwide distribution manager for the Ayon and Lumen White brands — set up a delightful system featuring products they distribute throughout Germany. The newly introduced Lumen White Silver Flame speakers (24.990   per pair) sounded smooth and inviting as driven by Ayon’s Reference 52B mono amplifiers (25.000   per pair) and Volcano preamp (price to be announced). The system was fed by either a Vyger Baltic M turntable (4990   with SME 312 tonearm) or a digital combination comprising North Star’s CD-T 24/192 transport and Extremo 24/192 digital-to-analog converter (4990   for the pair). Jeff Fritz listens intently as the system made the show’s hustle and bustle seem miles away.