The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show

Robert Harley on Electronics

By Robert Harley, Jun 06th, 2017

RH’s Best of Show

Best Sound (cost no object)

USA Tube Audio’s demonstration of the new Lumen White speakers driven by Ayon electronics was spectacularly great, with wall-to-wall soundstaging. Close your eyes and you’d never know that you were in a hotel room.

Ayon Audio

Ayon Audio distributor USA Tube Audio presented the world premiere of several new Ayon products; I’ll cover just the amplification.

The system included the Ayon Spheris III preamplifier ($34,500) or alternately, the S-10 Network Streamer/Preamplifier ($8300).

The all-tube components, housed in gorgeous chromed chassis, fed a pair of Ayon Orthos XS Gen 4 mono amps which drove the new 

Lumen White White Light “Anniversary” speakers in one of the show’s best-sounding rooms.

image001_2017 LosAngeles Show