2011 Editors’ Choice Award: Ayon Audio Polaris III – The Absolute Sound


The Absolute Sound (USA) – The 2011 Editors’ Choice Award

Ayon Polaris III Preamplifier Front

AYON Polaris III Preamplifier

This full-function preamplifier’s highlights include outstanding three-dimensional
imaging and endless layering coupled with no fatiguing, reference-quality transient
delivery. Instruments seem to “pop up” from nowhere. The phonostage dazzles with
liquidity and detail, plus it offers the ability to play low-output moving coils with
absolutely no noise. Reviewed by PB in this issue.

The Polaris III is one of the finest tube preamplifier made, regardless of price. This tube preamplifier presents a new level of musical performance, 3D airy sound and construction quality among mid-priced vacuum tube preamps. It combines exceptional design and outstanding engineering, highest quality parts, best selected material and a never ending love for music.

The external Polaris III AC~ Regenerator offers stable, regulated and purified AC power regardless of the incoming AC line quality. This power supply provides a lowered noise floor, more liquidity, better spatial three-dimensional imaging, greater focus, richer colours, and decreased glare & haze.

The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award 2011         Ayon-Bugatti-of-Audio_TAS-cover-2011